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A look from every neighborhood, handcrafted and designed in New York City.

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Jonas Studio's jewelry collections reflect the diverse and interesting characters, moods, and styles of New York City. Some people like to hang around the Village, and some like to take their chances in Hell’s Kitchen.

We have just the thing for that.


Colors and various semi-precious stones create a vintage look that is especially
suitable for an evening walk on the edges of Central Park.

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Astor Place

A mix of brass and leather give these designs a worn and rustic feeling.
A little rough around the edges. Don’t be afraid to add some rawness to your casual wear.

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Clean and functional designs that feature chains and metal.
Wear it to work, or to busy lunches at Eataly.

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Hell's Kitchen

More experimental and rebellious, incorporating skulls and crosses as a recurrent motif:
the only way to blend in is to wear it raw.

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High Line

Different shades of black and various kinds of materials represent a walk through the park under the stars.

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Take a walk or a run along The Hudson River Park and feel in sync with the environment.
A majority of this collection is water friendly, so (don’t) sweat it.

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Distressed and unique dyed leathers mix with distinctive clasps and closures in this classic collection.

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Washington Square

Leather and semi-precious stones, among other materials, make this collection as down to earth as possible.
Feel connected and listen to some Jazz with this collection.

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Staff Pick

Onyx bead bracelet for men with braided leather
Dumortierite bead bracelet for men with braided leather
Mens bead bracelet with braided leather by Jonas Studio - male model
$ 195.00

Handknotted Beads with Braided Leather Double Wrap Bracelet

  • Semi precious 6mm beads
  • Choose from Tigereye, Onyx, or Dumortierite
  • Leather
  • Stainless steel cylinder closure
  • Designed in New York City
  • Handcrafted

Men's Bracelets

Size Wrist Measurement (in) Wrist Measurement (cm)
XS 7.25" 18.41
S 7.5" 19.05
M 8" 20.32
L 8.25" 20.95
XL 8.5" 21.6
XXL 9" 22.86

Women's Bracelets

Size Wrist Measurement (in) Wrist Measurement (cm)
XS 6.25" 15.87
S 6.5" 15.87
M 6.75" 17.14
L 7" 17.78